Sunday, 2 November 2014

November Cleanup- Triple Facepalm.

Last week's session proved to be very enlightening. Although Katia and Alec and the rest of you fine ECI 831 folks very kindly mentioned what you liked about my blogs so far, I really appreciated the constructive criticism when it came to the image copyrights and my two blogs being separated and not easy connected to each other.

When Katia, Alec, and ECI 831 first looked at my blogs this is the scene that I imagined in my head:
Katia eyes wide open in shock while Alec and other ECI members respond to my total disregard to Copyright.
Photo Credit: akulawolf via Compfight cc

So I decided I needed to pick up my socks and clean up what I'm presenting online. Firstly, I chose a more suitable and eye catching template for my pages. I then created links to each part of my blog and sat down and watched Alec's youtube video on blogging to help better figure out this citation of photo issue so I could avoid "copyright jail".

I wish my arrogance hadn't stopped me from watching the video before. I thought I was pretty much set when it came to blogging, but yet lacked some of the basic knowledge. If you haven't, I highly recommend!
After learning how to properly cite photos with Compfight I went back and changed some of the pictures that I found suitable replacements for. While I find the selection much more limiting, it is nice to know that I'm following the correct internet protocol and respecting other people's work.
Finally I updated my Twitter account and cleaned that up a bit to. All in all it was nice to get back on track and do a "winter cleaning".
I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging about my final project now that's finally completed and I have received my certificate from Duke!


  1. Do we have to call it winter cleaning already? Isn't it still fall? LOL
    Thank you for volunteering to be the example for all of us. It really helped!

  2. It hurt to write winter..but let's start it early so it's done soon :)

  3. Nice new format! I am starting my "FALL" cleanup today as well!