Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Summary of Learning

I'd like to take a minute to thank to everyone for their comments and help throughout the course. I enjoyed being a part of ECI-831 and seeing everyone's excellent work! I think that our students are in great hands when I see what people are doing with technology in their classrooms. Finally thanks to Alec and Katia for putting together such an interesting course. I really enjoyed making this summary of learning and I enjoyed the different types of assessment you employed in this course. This being my 8th course in my M.Ed it was certainly nice to break away from the paper/presentation/final paper routine.

I made my video on ComicHead, an app I use with my students. The recording was made using Explain Everything. I recommend trying both out. Very easy to use.

Stay in touch, and I'll see you all online!


  1. Clayton this is awesome! I really enjoyed your learning summary and thank you for citing all those pics on that awesome site;-) Very well done! Definitely entertaining! I also went with a linear approach to my project as I wasn't sure where to begin or end... Seriously... love it and loved that you used our system apps to create it!

  2. Great take on your summary Clayton. Loved Comichead. Adding it my (long) list of apps to try. Thanks for your contributions this semester!