Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Thoughts from ECI 831 Week 1...

I decided to enroll in this class because of recommendations made from excellent colleagues of mine. I've seen several of my colleagues in RCSD start making significant connections through this course and via twitter and other social media, and in doing so, enhance their professional reputations and more importantly connect with other professionals to further their own development.

After I read the initial class email, I installed Java, joined the google plus community and took a look at the class documents.

My immediate first impressions was that I could see that the class would be a breath of fresh air compared to my previous masters courses. There is merit to the lecture/seminar/paper/presentation/final paper course set up and significant learning can certainly take place, however this course represents a greater feeling of choice of what topics we can explore, and in doing so experience the online learning community first hand.

After the online session I felt even more comfortable with the course. I was looking forward to picking out a MOOC, setting up a blog, and diving in, which leads me to the epic conclusion of my first blog about EC&I 831!

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